Relieve day-to-day financial burdens for your students.

Support your students with access to services that help them thrive in post-secondary.

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Post Secondary Partners

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students with access to services that promote overall well-being, financial wellness, and academic success.


Service Partners

What we do.

Why we do it.

Students need help. In the beginning, we provided students with access solely to scholarship services to help relieve some of the financial burdens that students face.

We soon realized that students needed much more than just scholarships; they need anything and everything that could help. That's when we launched Student Support; an all-encompassing service provider to provide affordable access to services that promote a student's wellbeing, academics, and career development.

Our goal is to put the term "struggling student" out of the mainstream and make it a thing of the past. Just because it's the norm to go through an uphill battle to pursue post-secondary education doesn't make it acceptable.

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Happy Student = Successful Student

Help your students focus on what matters; education.

How it Works

Make a long-lasting impact on your students.

Connect with us to learn how your students can access essential services that support wellbeing, academics and career development.

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