We develop SaaS solutions for higher education.

There's no question that post-secondary institutions lack modern support systems for students. From helping students learn more efficiently, to reliving financial burdens that students face — Our solutions have the answer.


Modern education requires modern solutions.

The missing link to post-secondary education.

Product design with every student in mind
Simple administrative tools
Free security audit
Ongoing software and troubleshooting support
Competitive rates
Industry leading turn around times

Tools accessible on any device.

Give your students the capability to access their tools anywhere, at anytime.

Branded to your institution
Smooth UX/UI functionality
Integrate with other enterprise-level solutions
Battle-tested reliability

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my institution benefit from this?

Since the on-set of COVID-19, it has become more difficult than ever for students to get the quality education they deserve. As students are spending more and more time working remotely, we can help your organization create the tools and resources that will allow students to put more time towards productive tasks that result in professional growth.

Students are currently facing more financial strain than ever before. Our solutions also help students relieve some of these burdens through advanced scholarship matching API's.


I need a custom solutions for my students. How exactly does it work?

Contact us and we will set up a meeting to understand what you are looking to achieve and your ultimate goal. From there we will provide you with a proposal for the project, this will include a budget, timeline and potential future maintenance costs.


Can I test your API integrations?

Click here to send us an email with your institution name and intended use. We will then provide you with the documentation.