About Us

Student Support is a for-profit social enterprise that works with a diverse range of web-based service partners specializing in the education, career, and well-being spaces to enhance the already robust student experience offered at universities and colleges across Canada.

By creating affordable and equal access to services that support wellbeing and academics, we're empowering students to thrive and not just survive.

Our Story

Student Support was created to empower students to thrive in higher education. At the age of 16, our founder Ajamu was in a youth shelter. With much perseverance and due to the overwhelming support from his community and educational institutions, he became the first of his family to attend and graduate university.

Recognizing the importance of support services among underserved students, he was inspired to start Student Support with the goal of helping students thrive while navigating the complexities of University. Student Support is also proud to be recognized and supported by organizations like League of Innovators to help us achieve our mission.

"Like many, most of my educational journey felt like an uphill battle. At 16 I found myself living in a shelter and struggling to engage with school. Thankfully, a kind family saved me from that predicament and I was able to rent a room, land a job, and graduate high school.

At that point, university still seemed like an impossible dream... Despite my efforts, I did not have a strong enough academic record or enough financial resources to attend my university. So, I moved cities, worked two jobs, and got my act together. I was very lucky that a team of mentors, teachers, and community members recognized my efforts and decided to help me navigate through the complicated process of applying for student funding so I could get into university.

While I was a student, I was not able to access or afford medical or mental health services. The waitlists were too long, and the private sessions were too expensive for someone who lived off of cereal, baked beans, and hot dogs.

That's why we've partnered with amazing organizations whose mission and values align with our own to help students get the additional support they need in the areas of wellbeing, finances, and academics."

-  Ajamu Attard, Founder
Our Values
We believe everyone needs a support network of resources and great people to thrive and succeed. Alone, we struggle, but together we thrive.
Our Vision
Day-to-day life being inexpensive for every student.

With our vision, here are the areas we want to support students in next:

  • Health Care & Therapy
  • Internet & Phone Plans
  • Skills for Job Market
  • Financial Literacy
  • Meaningful Jobs
  • Moving Services
  • Music
  • Rent