Students deserve better.

About us
Students need help. 64.5% of post-secondary students reported feeling overwhelming anxiety at some point in the last 12 months, including 28.5% in the last two weeks. In the beginning, we provided students with access solely to scholarship services to help relieve some of the financial burdens that students face.

We soon realized that students needed much more than just scholarships; they need anything and everything that could help. That's when we launched Student Support; an all-encompassing service provider to provide affordable access to services that promote a student's wellbeing, academics, and career development.

Our goal is to put the term "struggling student" out of the mainstream and make it a thing of the past. Just because it's the norm to go through an uphill battle to pursue post-secondary education doesn't make it acceptable.

Student Support was founded by former Canadian students who, after spending years in post-secondary in pursuit of bringing innovative ideas to life, saw the need for higher-educational institutions to develop modern and innovative ways for students to access services they love at affordable rates.

Having studied and worked in the software & technology industry, we have built a repertoire of skills and talents that we put to use every day in an effort to revitalize how students engage in the education industry.

A message from our founder
Like many, most of my educational journey felt like an uphill battle. At 16 I found myself living in a shelter and struggling to engage with school. Thankfully, a kind family saved me from that predicament and I was able to rent a room, land a job, and graduate high school.

At that point, university still seemed like an impossible dream... Despite my efforts, I did not have a strong enough academic record or enough funds to attend my university. So, I moved cities, worked two jobs, and got my act together. I was very lucky because a team of mentors, teachers, and community members recognized my efforts and decided to help me navigate through the complicated process of applying for student funding so I could get to and through university.

This enabled me to create a system that helped me earn $50,000 in scholarships, awards, grants, and bursaries. Naturally, I wanted to help other people who were like me so I worked on a company called FundQi. For a few years, with an incredible team, we were able help the other struggling students out there who didn't have the support they needed.

Over time, we improved the service, but soon came to realized that those in need couldn't afford the service. To fix this issue, we convinced thousands of students at our school to increase their tuition in order to subsidize the cost and provide every student with affordable access to our premium service. Thousands of students benefited that year, however, we learned that students still needed help in other areas.

Students were struggling with the COVID-19 lockdowns. They lost their jobs, contact with their friends, resulting in decreases to overall well-being. I could personally relate to them, in the past, I attended two, 10-day silent meditation retreats to help me with anxiety, and spent numerous years in therapy to mend some of my traumas from the past.

For many of these tough times as a student, I was not able to access or afford medical or mental health services. The waitlists were too long, and the private sessions were too expensive for a guy who lived off of cereal, baked beans, and hot dogs.

In essence, we listened, we learned, and now we're here to help students get the services they need to improve well-being as a whole.

For the students who are struggling out there right now, I urge you to never give up because there is light at the end of this tunnel.
We're Canadian-made helping students from coast-to-coast.