Students deserve better.

Students need help. 64.5% of post-secondary students reported feeling overwhelming anxiety at some point in the last 12 months, including 28.5% in the last two weeks.

In the beginning, we provided students with access to scholarship services to help relieve the financial burdens that students face. We soon realized that students need much more than just scholarships; they need anything and everything that could help. That's when we launched Student Support; an all-encompassing service provider to provide affordable access to services that promote a student's wellbeing, financial wellness, and academic.

Our vision is to put the term "struggling student" out of the mainstream and make it a thing of the past. Just because it's the norm to go through an uphill battle to pursue post-secondary education doesn't make it acceptable.

Student Support was founded by former Canadian students who, after spending years in post-secondary in pursuit of bringing innovative ideas to life, saw the need for higher-educational institutions to develop modern and innovative ways for students to access services they need at affordable rates.
Our mission
Our mission is to give every student the ability to thrive in both personal and academic life by making their day-to-day lives inexpensive and fulfilling.
A message from our founder
Like many, most of my educational journey felt like an uphill battle. At 16 I found myself living in a shelter and struggling to engage with school. Thankfully, a kind family saved me from that predicament and I was able to rent a room, land a job, and graduate high school.

At that point, university still seemed like an impossible dream... Despite my efforts, I did not have a strong enough academic record or enough financial resources to attend my university. So, I moved cities, worked two jobs, and got my act together. I was very lucky that a team of mentors, teachers, and community members recognized my efforts and decided to help me navigate through the complicated process of applying for student funding so I could get into university.

After earning $50,000 in scholarships, awards, grants, and bursaries, I felt compelled to help other students who wanted to pursue post-secondary but did not have the means to do so. I started helping students win scholarships of their own, and within a few years I had helped fellow students win over $100,000 in funding. Between liaising with students, setting up appointments, and curating individualized lists of funding opportunities, I was making far less than minimum wage, barely had time for classes and was using my scholarship earnings to get by. Students evidently needed help but the model at that time was not sustainable, and I recognized that something needed to change.

From there, we built a scalable solution to help all students get the funding they need through scholarships, grants, internships & more. Through the online platform, students could find unique funding opportunities for themselves and also receive 1-on-1 guidance on application processes and essay writing to maximize their chances of success. For a few years, with an incredible team, we were able to help the other struggling students out there who didn't have the support they needed.

The platform is web-based, we had various overhead costs and for that reason we had to charge a small fee for the service. Over time, we improved the platform, but soon came to realize that those who needed the service the most, did not necessarily have the resources to pay the small fee we needed to charge in order to keep the platform up and running. To fix this issue, we convinced thousands of students at our school to increase their tuition in order to subsidize the cost and provide every student with affordable access to the platform. Thousands of students benefited that year and students won over $1M in non-repayable funding. However, our mission was not close to being complete and we learned that students still required help in additional areas such as mental health and wellness, academic support, and more.

While I was a student, I was not able to access or afford medical or mental health services. The waitlists were too long, and the private sessions were too expensive for someone who lived off of cereal, baked beans, and hot dogs.

That's why we've partnered with amazing organizations whose mission and values align with our own to help students get the additional support they need in the areas of wellbeing, finances, and academics.

We listened, we learned, and now we're here to help students get the resources they need to thrive through post-secondary.

Click here to listen to the story on the Becoming a Willing Student Podcast available on Spotify.
What’s next? Covering the basics
Everybody needs access to a phone, high speed internet, and close proximity to affordable groceries. Being unable to access any of these resources makes it challenging for anyone to thrive as a student. Our aim is to help students access these essential resources while saving up to 50%-90%.
Our Pillars

Physical Wellbeing

  • Access to affordable health care & therapy
  • Fitness and stretching programs
  • Door-to-door delivery for prescriptions

Mental Wellbeing

  • Meditation, Stress-Relief, Better Sleep
  • Therapy, Psychiatry, Addiction Counseling

Financial Wellness

  • Access to more funding (scholarships, grants, etc...)
  • Affordable groceries
  • Helping refugees access higher-education
  • Affordable internet, phone, and data plans
  • Affordable rent and insurance

Academics & Skill Development

  • Learning marketable skills and competencies
  • Virtual and in-person tutoring
  • Affordable textbooks
  • Study aids and writing assistance
We're Canadian-made helping students from coast-to-coast.