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Our partners support over 150 million people around the world.

Mental Health

Calm is the world's #1 resource for sleep and meditation. Calm is proven to improve sleep quality, reduce stress, & lower anxiety.

Writing Support

 ProWritingAid helps students develop writing skills, reinforce proper revision habits, & prevent plagiarism. Real-time feedback when typing in Word, Docs, Email, & more.

Job Skills

Udemy is an online learning platform with thousands of courses to learn coding, marketing, data science, management & more.

Tutoring & Mentorship

Through Nimbus, students can find and get support from approved student tutors who have demonstrated a high-level understanding of course material.

Personal Training & Fitness

Students get access to 6,000+ audio & video classes on strength training, yoga, running, cycling, stretching, barre, pilates, treadmill, cardio, & more. A personal trainer in your pocket.

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We're Supported By

League of Innovators is a national Canadian charity that empowers young people to be their own bosses in life and career, supporting their growth as entrepreneurs, innovators, and changemakers.

What Students Are Saying

"The courses I've been able to access for Udemy have been extremely helpful and have led to professional opportunities opening up for me."

"I've been meditating everyday for the past two months thanks to Calm. Thank you team ❤️❤️"

Supported Student; Thriving Student

When students get the support they need throughout education, anything is possible.

On an individual level, education enables the fullest possible development of personality. It is a dignifying and empowering force that offers marginalized groups a chance at social mobility. In a society that’s shaped by rigid class structures, education means opportunity.

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